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Write Back


Playing Thursday at 11am and on rotation all week

At Write Back we believe every young person has a story to tell and the capacity to tell it. Our mission is to build the confidence and capacity of young people to express themselves creatively through the sharing of their stories. We do this through collaborative after school storytelling programmes for marginalised young people which develop their creativity, self-esteem and agency.

We run 10-week storytelling programmes open to 13 to 16 year olds identified by their teachers as lacking confidence, self-esteem or a creative outlet. These young people are referred to us by schools in Barking and Dagenham, and are then enrolled in our programmes at the Future Youth Zone, a local youth centre.

Alongside our main programmes, we run a graduate scheme that offers new creative opportunities for young people who have completed a 10-week programme - these young people have made a film, participated in academic conferences, create storytelling maps and created their own magazine amongst other projects. It is these graduates who have created this radio broadcast.

For more info visit www.write-back.org.

Photograph of the Becontree Estate in East London.