A programme of art, architecture and infrastructure to mark the centenary of the UK’s biggest council housing estate


Write On!

May Episode

Playing Thursday at noon and on rotation all week.

This podcast can be streamed on demand here.

In this edition of Write On! Audio you can hear:

· Inspirational moments from Andreas Loizou
· Writing tips from Erin Kelly
· A listener contribution featuring three poems by Danny Baxter
· The May showcase which is selected by Libraries Unlimited and features
· An excerpt from “A Chapter on Grief” by Rue Ronan read by Sally Walker Taylor
· A poem “How Are You?” by Filippo Rossi read by Chris Gregory
· And a look forward to future editions

Here are some links to help you to find out more about our contributors:

- You can visit Erin Kelly’s website at https://www.erinkelly.co.uk/
- You can connect with Danny Baxter on Instagram @dan_lbbd
- Libraries Unlimited https://www.librariesunlimited.org.uk/
- Find out more about Andreas Loizou here https://thanetwriters.com/writer/andreas-loizou/
-And visit the Margate Bookie website here https://margatebookie.com/

You can read our showcase pieces and find out more about Pen To Print’s workshops, and events by visiting our website here https://pentoprint.org/

We’re always delighted to read your contributions so if you’d like to see your words in Write on! or hear them on this podcast please get in touch. Please submit to: https://pentoprint.org/get-involved/submit-to-write-on/

Thank you for listening to Write On Audio. This edition has been presented by Tiffany Clare and produced by Chris Gregory. Write On Audio is an Alternative Stories production for Pen To Print.

Starting in June we’ll be experimenting with a weekly format for Write On! Audio so please subscribe to have our editions delivered to you the moment they are released.

Photograph of the Becontree Estate in East London.