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Write On!

February Episode

First broadcast March 2022

Want to become a published author? Are you in need of some inspiration from other writers? How did they turn their passion into a paying job?

Write On! Audio is a new podcast from Pen to Print. Pen to Print endeavors to bring you down-to-earth advice from people who’ve ‘been there and done that’. Through Write On! Audio, you’ll get to meet many of their writers and creative friends; all of them keen to share their own journeys with you.

Taking the best bits from Write On! magazine and Write On! Extra, they’ll bring you writing tips, features, interviews and excerpts from the work of their contributors and guests. Most importantly, though, if you’re a writer, poet or dramatist, published or not, they want to hear from you so that they can share your words and your unique voice on their podcast.

January’s episode includes writing tips from the best-selling author Danny Rhodes, inspirational moments from writers Palak Tewary and Eithne Cullen, an interview with the winner of the 2021 Pen to Print Audio Play competition Cailean Steed, and a listener contribution from film-maker Jonathan Hirons, describing the aphasia he now suffers as a result of a stroke and a short extract from his new film.

If you’d like to contribute a piece of writing to the podcast, email pentoprint@lbbd.gov.uk

Write On! Audio is part of the Write On! suite of publications, published by Pen to Print, an Arts Council England – National Portfolio Organisation, supported by Arts Council England and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Photograph of the Becontree Estate in East London.