A programme of art, culture and new infrastructure to reimagine the future of the UK’s biggest council housing estate

Ab Phab Youth Club

Dream Radio

Playing Tuesday at noon, and on rotation all week.

The Becontree Broadcasting Station presented a 2 day workshop with Ab Phab's young people on 23-24 August, 2022, and with Southend's Project 49, asking participants to come up with their dream radio show, which included music shows, like The Rock Show with Gabriel, sports shows, talk shows about video games and movies, and much more.

Ab Phab is local community group for young people that organizes activities that offer social, physical, educational and employment opportunities that meets the needs of disabled and non-disabled disadvantaged young people aged 11-18 and 19 – 25.

A version of this playlist is included in the group exhibition "Reciever" at the Focal Point Gallery in the Southend, UK.

Photograph of the Becontree Estate in East London.