A programme of art, architecture and infrastructure to mark the centenary of the UK’s biggest council housing estate


One Room Collective and Boom Shakalaka

One Room Collective with Boom Shakalaka Productions


It’s the year 2070 and on the 50th anniversary of The New East Festival, the great grandchildren of the founders of One Room have taken up the mantle of what the ‘New East London’ means to them…

Imagine: A city based on the redefining of homes and how we live together, where multigenerational households are a norm and we plant, as well as green, our spaces together. Or, a conversation between our future children and grandchildren as they reject what’s gone before and tear up the structures that have defined their local and national democracy.

One Room Collective produced a new original podcast series that imagined 50 years in the future for the Becontree Estate. A series of experimental, atmospheric and futuristic vignettes reimagined the idea of home and identity in ‘New East London’. Moving between audio documentary, fictional narrative, poetry, sound art, music and more, the podcast series received contributions from across its group members. One Room created something imaginative, hopeful and challenging, as they grappled with the big questions around climate change, creativity, home and identity via human personal stories that allow us to imagine what’s possible for a new generation.

One Room Collective – AJ Haast, Akanele Kalu, Steph Olowe, AJ Thompson, and Ade Yusuf – are a Barking and Dagenham-based group of young practitioners. They believe creativity and inspiration can exist anywhere, with a desire to break out of the boundaries of what makes and defines London.

Boom Shakalaka was established in Margate, Kent in 2014 and was born from an appetite for connecting people. They care about who gets to tell stories, why and where. Boom brings talented individuals together to make ambitious, creative work in radio, podcast, video, theatre and more. This collaboration will be led by Steve Urquhart, an award winning radio producer, sound designer and composer of 25 years.