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Soul and Sound

Mind Over Matter: Healthy Mind Healthy Grind


26 July – 20 September 2021

Mind Over Matter: Healthy Mind Healthy Grind is an eight-week health, wellness and cooking programme providing self-development and motivational sessions. Taking place online, the programme will engage individuals who are interested in shaping new health and wellness goals but currently face a multitude of personal, mental and physical challenges, as well as limited access to professional networks and business opportunities. Soul and Sound is interested in working with young men and women aged 16-30 in Barking and Dagenham who are BAME, from disadvantaged backgrounds or working precarious zero-hour contracts.

Working closely with a Nutritionist and Vegan Chef over the course of eight sessions, the programme will cover topics including the importance of sustaining a clean diet, cooking healthy meals on a budget, exploring ways to implement a new healthy lifestyle and empowering participants to start realising their full potential. New approaches to wellbeing will be explored through these sessions which prioritise mental and physical health in relation to career success. Participants will be able to take part in weekly challenges and also keep a diary to document their progress.

If you would like to be involved in the programme then follow the link to register your interest click here.

Soul and Sound was founded in 2010 and works to inform, train, guide and empower young people, families and other disadvantaged groups from BAME, marginalised and socially-excluded communities. To date, their accredited programmes have supported over 300 young people and families, providing unique opportunities and experiences for those that have wanted to get into the music, arts or horticulture sectors.