A programme of art, architecture and infrastructure to mark the centenary of the UK’s biggest council housing estate

East End Women’s Museum

Women and Girls of Becontree

Valence Library

May – August 2021

Women’s stories are vital to the history of the Becontree Estate, yet so often overlooked. East End Women’s Museum worked alongside women and girls from Becontree Primary School, Early Years Cocoon, Breakaway Older Ladies Group and Future Youth Zone to explore and capture women’s stories and experiences in the past, present and future of Becontree. They looked at housewives’ accounts to moving into the estate and creating a community here and the remarkable achievements of the Dagenham Girl Pipers and New Cambell Netball Club. This oral history project cast new light on the vibrant and diverse stories and ideas of the 20th century woman in Becontree.

As well as looking back, the project will look forward to the future of the estate. Join East End Women's Museum at the Summer of Festivals between 14th - 15th August, where they want to hear more women and girls stories.

Valence Library
Becontree Avenue

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The East End Women’s Museum aims to record, research, share and celebrate the stories of East London women past and present. It was established in 2015 and is currently the only dedicated women’s museum in England. Through exhibitions, workshops and events they want to recognise women’s vast contributions through history and today, as well as to inspire women and girls to share their own stories and feel empowered. In 2021 the museum will move into a permanent home on Abbey Road, Barking.