A programme of art, architecture and infrastructure to mark the centenary of the UK’s biggest council housing estate

Joy Labinjo

Large-Scale Mural

Joy Labinjo will create a permanent large-scale public mural in Becontree during the centenary year. Labinjo will collect photographs of people and interiors from residents to inform the work.

We're looking for photos to help artist, Joy Labinjo devise a new large-scale, permanent mural for Becontree Estate at Dagenham Heathway.

As part of the Becontree Estate Centenary 2021 we are collecting photographs of people, homes and celebrations taken on the estate between 1921 to 2021 to inspire a new mural design.

We are eager to collect lots of photos from contemporary and past daily life showing residents of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

We’re particularly interested in any photos of:

  • Becontree residents – past and present (groups & individuals)

  • Family gatherings, parties and celebrations

  • Residents dressed in Sunday best/or traditional dress

  • Local events, shows and festivals on the estate

  • Home interiors (especially showing furniture, wallpaper & carpet patterns)

  • Residents at home and in their gardens

SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS: Please scan or pic of your photo(s) and email them to: submissions@createlondon.org with your name and contact info.


Joy Labinjo’s vibrant large-scale paintings depict intimate scenes of contemporary life, capturing the everyday and the domestic. Her compositions feature portraits of family members, friends and people she has discovered in family albums, which are coalesced with found backgrounds. Her compositions are composed according to vibrant colours, patterns and poses, thus, whether they depict scenes from the private space of a household room or the public interior of a bus, she creates seemingly familiar situations which are actually imagined.

Commissioned by Create London, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.