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Sadia Ur-Rehman


The White House

Artist Sadia Ur-Rehman collaborated with neighbours of The White House, transforming the house into a pop-up tea salon. Tea is often associated with ritual and ceremony, an instrument of self-care, but also has a complex history wrapped up in imperialism and colonialism. Through a series of gatherings, Sadia invited local residents to get together over a cup of tea and share stories, experiences, play games and make together. Each gathering focused on sampling different types and blends of teas, using tea as a starting point for conversation, care and unity.

Reflecting on the stories, memories and cultural rituals shared during the sessions, a unique blend of tea for Becontree was produced, Becon-tea, which was hared at the pop-up tea salon, activating the house as a space of refuge.

The White House
884 Green Lane

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Sadia Ur-Rehman is a visual artist based in Redbridge, London. Sadia’s practice is rooted in the local and explores the relationship between people, place and the idea of home. Sadia creates temporary interventions in spaces, these could last a few hours, days, months or even years. These spaces operate as places for people to meet, share, learn, create and generate experiences. Sadia creates site responsive work that initiates conversations and interactions, often bringing people together through events, installation and the use of moving image and text. 

Commissioned by The White House and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.